Before You Start

Are you considering enrolling in an online college or university? Well, the rapid penetration of Internet in our world has indeed led many students take up the road to distance learning. If you’re interested in this phenomena, you can read the history of distance education, the first attempts were made in 1728! The advancement of communication and technology in the modern age has transpired Internet into a global educational medium.

Exploring Distance Learning/Online Education

With more and more colleges and universities integrating the online education into their academic infrastructure, critics have found themselves locked in a heated discussion debating over the quality of such education in comparison to the traditional learning. What is unknown to many of you is that the advancement in communication technology has upgraded the platform of online education by integrating the system with gadgets and tools helping the students attain the global exposure.

Online Education until some time back was restricted in figments of imagination of an individual. Taking an online class was considered a dream never realized. Fast forward the situation a bit and you will find yourself land on the age of e-learning, which is largely dominated by virtual classrooms and flexible schedules. The platform of online learning was indeed considered to work wonders for individuals juggling work or family obligations in between earning a degree.

With communication technology advancement being synonymous to Distance Learning, gadgets and tools have transpired a rapid evolution in the system. Here is a look at some of the gadgets and tools that helps to keep education global and mobile.

5 Must Haves:

    • Before You StartLearning Devices – with its ability to connect and learn, this device that is to be used with a mobile, is often stated to be an essential gadget concerning online or distance learning for its portability and convenience.
    • External Hard Drives – with online courses being dominated by video-conferencing and computer-based teaching application, students enrolling for online classes must manage the storage space in their computer.
    • Soundproof Headphones – a must with the students, the headphones help them during their late night classes. Concentration and communication is best achieved through this.
    • Voice Recorder – another necessity for students planning to take an online class, these assist them in recording a lecture or discussion; a nice alternative to taking down notes.
    • Office chair – investing in an office chair that focuses on ergonomics will allow you to reach the optimum level of comfort while taking your classes.

In addition, to these must-haves gadgets and tools for facilitating online education, you must also include the assistance of laptops or smart phones. Smart phones in today’s age helps defy the norm of sitting in front of your computer for taking online classes. It allows you to be on the drive and still benefit through e-learning

Some other gadgets and tools that might enhance the experience of online education includes the following:

      • Digital calendars
      • Video chat programs
      • Wireless Internet card
      • Organizational applications and software

The blend of communication, computing, and telecommunication technologies has indeed brought about a revolution in the world of Distance Learning. So, what else can be more beneficial than moving on with the flow and earning a degree?